The Great Catch Up Blog!

As we have been transitioning to our new site and a new blog, we have lost most of our old blog content leaving long time followers to ask “hey – where did it all go?” and new visitors to have lots of questions. With the Spring boat building marathon starting to wind down just a bit, we will begin to update and re-publish the most popular blogs from the past along with some brand new ones. Until then, this is probably a good time to put down a few words on a variety of hot topics that we discuss each day, so here goes the “Great Catch Up Blog”;

Starting with the Best People

We’ve followed a lot of great boat companies over the years. We’ve watch great boat builders try to figure out what the guys on the water really wanted and we’ve watched guides start up boat businesses and begin the years long process of learning how to build great boats – with varying degrees of success. Towee started out from day one as a group of veteran guides and veteran boat builders. When you walk through the shop, you will find that all of our builders have built some of the finest saltwater and freshwater boats anywhere. These folks know their stuff and we’re very proud to have them on our team.

The Best Materials

We use only the absolute finest resins and cloths. We don’t use aluminum pop rivets – our skiffs utilize 100% high quality stainless steel screws, bolts and nuts. We take the time to hand fit our hatch openings and through bolt each one with stainless bolts and nylock nuts – no screwed in hatches here. Our “beast” transom is becoming legendary. We use a sandwich of thick, dense composite materials that run the full width of the transom – no foams! Not only are our transoms the strongest available, they also feature great screw retention which is important when you add accessories in the future.


Our customers demand versatility. It’s not uncommon for our skiffs to see rocky rivers one week, Keys flats the next and duck hunting duty a few months later. The Rivermaster SRO and Rivermaster Calusa were designed to offer the ultimate in versatility. They perform well under prop, jet or mud motor power. They are light and easy to pole with excellent tracking characteristics. Our quite hulls draft 4” loaded – yet can cross big choppy water safely to get you to those shallow fishing areas. River anglers can add our SRO rowing frame and access waters where no drift boat can float – without the need for a shuttle. One Rivermaster can replace several specialty skiffs.

Remarkable Stability Without Excessive Width

Our boats were designed to allow three full sized anglers to stand up and fish at the same time without worrying about where the other guys are stepping. Our president is around 295 and his two fishing buddies weigh 270 and 240 respectively. They all three fish standing atop the benches with no weak kneed balancing acts at all. The cheap and easy way to get stability is to add width at the waterline – anyone can build a barge but performance takes a huge hit. Our hulls offer amazing stability AND high performance maneuverability.


Towee customers tend to be tough on their skiffs. A full 30% of our customers are commercial users such as full time backcountry guides or government agencies such as DNR officers. Our skiffs ar built to take the daily grind of gravel bars, shallow rocky rivers and oyster bars on salt water flats.


After years of towing across the country, we are fanatical about our trailers. Each Towee rides on a trailer that was custom designed to fit the Rivermaster – not an off the shelf catch all trailer. All of our trailers feature heavy C channel frames, 1400lb winches (yes, 1400lb !) and 20’ straps that extend past the trailer for easy loading on backcountry ramps (or banks). We put a 23,000 miles on one of our standard galvanized trailers with the 12” wheels last year and the trailer is still in use today. For the ultimate small skiff trailer, check out or Towee Pro Trailers.

The New Customer Process

Buying a Towee isn’t like buying an off the rack stock boat from your local dealer. Each skiff, no matter how simple or complex, is a custom build and each prospective client starts out by having a conversation with our owner about how they use their skiff and what features are most important to them. From this conversation we produce a detailed line item quote and begin discussing final configurations. When a customer is ready to order his or her new skiff, they place a deposit and are scheduled into our next production slot. Lead times can range from as little as two weeks in the late Fall to over Twelve weeks in the Spring. Lead times start to grow in late January and begin to shrink in late July. Our owner is available to answer question directly before, during and after the build – just ask our current owners.

This should get us caught up a bit and answer a few of the most pressing questions. Look for more blogs soon and as always, be sure to follow Towee Guide Tested Skiffs on Facebook for the best and latest pics, news and schedules. As always, don’t hesitate to call us directly at 931-224-8181 –we’re always ready to talk skiffs with you.