On Stability

A couple of times a week we get a call from an angler (or Duck Hunter) who has been “victimized” by a small, tippy skiff – these folks always have the same question “ Can I really stand on that bow cap and cast? Even with 3 people in the boat?”. The answer is a resounding YES!  Despite dozens of photos, reviews and posts by owners, some folks just cant wrap their heads around the legendary stability of the Rivermaster hull – and we achieve it with a nimble 51” wide hull that handles like a Ferrari, rather a dump barge.  

One of our most requested customer videos from FACEBOOK (TOWEE GUIDE TESTED SKIFFS) shows Larry Campbell’s skiff down in Charleston, SC. Notice in the video that the bow cap is rock solid under the anglers feet – no dance moves required.  Another great example is this week’s trip to Florida where we actually took two skiffs for four anglers but when one had to cancel out, we fished the week with three anglers in one skiff. That’s three full grown men (OK, a couple were slightly overgrown) with one on a poling platform, one standing in the center and one standing on bow cap. Search our photos and you’ll see numerous shots of guides rowing their clients standing on rivers of all sizes, types and volumes – it’s all in a day’s work for the Rivermaster SRO and Rivermaster Calusa.