Our New Poling Platform

Our New Poling Platform

One of the greatest attributes of the Rivermaster Calusa has always been the fact that it poled so well that you didn’t have to have a poling platform. We’ve poled miles and miles of super skinny, windblown flats and from atop a Yeti, bench top or even backwards from the bow cap. But when you spend most of your time chasing reds, bones or even carp, it may be time for a full time poling platform. And when your company was founded by and former Keys and Everglades guide who’s not exactly a small guy, you know it had to be a stable, high quality platform that was a pleasure to use.
There’s an old saying around pipe shops that cheap platforms aren’t good and good platforms aren’t cheap. We’ve seen a lot of cheap, flimsy platforms installed over the years. They may look cool but the angler quickly begins to find excuses not to be up top as no one wants to be on a tippy, loose platform so we started with a four legged design that ensures stability – no side to side sway. The rear edge of the platform is actually BEHIND the transom, not curved forward. This ensures that the poler wont be banging the push pole against the outboard. We also employed a unique curved leg design to ensue full lock to lock tiller steering is maintained. There is even an integrated side step and custom lean bars are available for those who need an extra hand getting up and down.
After a week of final testing with a group of guides, hard core redfish addicts, writers and industry pros on Mosquito Lagoon this week, the results were unanimously positive and the new platform is ready to go. With the Spring rush just days away, NOW is the time to get your new handbuilt Calusa on order. Give us a call and as always, check out TOWEE GUIDE TESTED SKIFFS on FABCEBOOK for the latest pics and news.