Hardly Strictly Musky 2014 – UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE!

Hardly Strictly Musky 2014  - UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE!

As May 2nd and 3rd draw near, we’re kicking into overdrive to prepare for the 2014 Southern Classic presented by Towee Boats and Scientific Anglers. Anglers from 17 states have confirmed they will be attending, we’ve had some outstanding sponsors step up, the entertainment just keeps getting better and the fishery looks to be red hot this year. Here’s some updated information for our anglers:

Entries should be received by Aril 15th. Contact Towee Boats at 931-224-8181 or info@Towee Boats.com to register.

Tournament Goody Bags
Each registered angler will receive a tournament goody bag courtesy of our sponsors. At last count, the retail value of the items in the goody bag looked to be approaching, possibly exceeding, the entry fee.

Current Sponsors Include:
Towee Boats, Scientific Anglers, Temple Fork Outfitters, Southern Culture on the Fly, True Flies, MFC, Howler Brothers, Loop, Hunter Banks Company, 3 Rivers Angler, Fly South, The Angler Magazine. Stay tuned for more.

Special Guest Angler
Bob Clouser

Featured Artist
Paul Puckett

Updated Schedule

Thursday May 1st
6:00 pm – Registration Opens at Collins River BBQ – Upstairs Music Venue.
6:30 pm – Orientation for visiting anglers.
7:00 pm : IRON FLY

Friday May 2nd.
5:30 am – Late Registration
5:45 am – Kick Off Meeting – McMinnville Town Square
6:00 am – Start – leave from McMinnville Town Square
7:00 pm – Fishing Closes
7:30 pm – Project Healing Waters Benefit -BBQ Dinner, Writers Round and MidDay Farm Report.

Saturday May 3rd
5:45 am – Day 2 meeting
6:00 am – Start – Leave From McMinnville Town Square
7:00 pm – Fishing Closes
7:30 pm – Awards and Door Prizes – Collins River BBQ


Tenative rules are listed below. Final rules will be distributed to registered anglers by May 1st.

1.Fly Fishing only. This means commonly available rods, reels, lines, tippet and leader material.
2.Multiple hook flies are permitted. No Treble Hooks.
3.Hooks must be barbless or barbs bent down.
4. No angler may be in possession of any other gear other than fly fishing gear.
5.Boat teams may be two or three angler teams. Kayak teams must fish as pairs or trios and must fish within sight of all other teammates.
6. Only registered tournament anglers are allowed in the boat. No angler may fish within 100 feet of any angler who is not registered in the tournament.
7. All laws of the State of Tennessee must be obeyed.
8. Leaving the boat to wade is permitted.

1. All anglers must leave from and return to event headquarters at the designated start and return times and location.
2. All anglers must attend the starting meeting. End times will be announced at the starting meeting.
3. In bounds waters are the entire Caney Fork River system from the downstream edge of the Horseshoe Bend Marina Ramp all the way upriver to the source of each tributary. This specifically includes the Collins, Rocky and Calfkiller Rivers and their tributaries along with the upper portion of Center Hill Reservoir and all of Great Falls Reservoir.

Scoring / Other
1. Anglers will provide their own digital camera. Each angler will be provided with a numbered event chip that must appear in the photo. Photo must clearly illustrate the measurement of the fish for points to be awarded. It is the angler’s responsibility to submit photo or photos that clearly communicate the measurement of each fish to be scored.
2. Fish will be scored by length measured from nose to tip of tail. Points will be awarded per the following:
Under 25” – No Score
25” to 35” – 10 Points
35 1/4” to 45” – 30 Points
45 1/4” to 48” – 50 Points
48 ¼” to 50” – 75 Points
50 1/4” and Over – 150 Points

3. Catches must be reported by calling or texting to the tournament line. Participants are encouraged to text photos to the tournament director at the time of catch.
4. Fish must be handled with extreme care and released alive. No points will be awarded for injured or dead fish.
5. Anglers must be at the checkout before the deadline or no points will be awarded.

Stay tuned for more info and don’t hesitate to give us a call or email with your questions.