Towee has always been very proud of our Pro Staff – a group of professionals that are as diverse as the waters where our skiffs excel; from North Country river guides to Keys flats guides and most everything in between. These guys put our skiffs to the test hundreds of days each year to help us ensure that we are building the toughest, best performing and most stable small skiff hulls available. But we also want to make sure that our customers know about the testing efforts go on right in our own shop and at our two “testing outposts” in Tennessee and the Florida Keys. Towee is continually testing new materials, methods and designs to keep our customers going where other anglers just cant.  

Our close relationships with our materials suppliers and their technical staffs have resulted in a half dozen major improvements in our skiffs over the past year alone including our new hull materials and our new BULLY! Keel.  This “extended family” of technical experts makes sure that we are one of the first to try out new materials and applications. These relationships offer our customers a huge team of experts who are working for them.

 Our owner spent almost 20 years developing and implementing material and product testing programs for automakers around the globe including Mercedes, Nissan and Ford as well as involvement in testing helmets and energy absorbers used by Indycar, Formula One and NASCAR – we have the experience to turn ideas into prototypes and then subject them to valid testing simulations.  But at the end of the day, sooner or later you have to hit the water and our entire team turns out for “river testing”. One recent foray involved launching a skiff down an 18’ limestone bluff to float a nasty, rocky stretch of river that we’re pretty sure no one has ever been down in a motorized boat – especially a fiberglass composite boat – we even proved that the Rivermaster SRO will float just as shallow as the leading fishing kayak along the way! (and yes, that was with an outboard, two anglers, rowing frame, 9’ oars and a ton of camping gear vs. a single angler and a paddle).  We do things to our skiffs that you would never do – at least not on purpose. We have even been known to buy and evaluate (yes, that DOES mean cut up) our competitors hulls.

And while you can damage any hull no matter what it is made of if you try hard enough, you can always be assured that Towee is going the extra mile to ensure that we continue to lead the industry with the lightest, toughest and best performing small technical skiff available anywhere. It’s all about building boats that are worthy partners for your next adventure.  So whether your plans include a jet powered river skiff or a low country redfish stalker, now is a great time to give us a call at 931-743-4860 to discuss your new Towee.