Our Commitment to Testing and Development Continues – Welcome Idaho!

idaho flag

Since we first started to develop the Rivermaster skiff in 2009, Towee has made continued testing, research and development a focal point of our business. While the pictures may look similar, just park any Towee against one that is two years older and the evolution becomes apparent – we continually make small adjustments to the shape, materials and processes that result in skiffs of the highest quality, durability and versatility. Since day one we have maintained a dedicated pro staff of hard core guides that prove out our concepts on a daily basis and, more importantly, help us to find out what doesn’t work. This is why, in addition to our heavy touring schedule that takes us from the waters of Northern Wisconsin to Montana, Texas, South Carolina and Louisiana each year, we have maintained a permanent outpost in the Florida Keys since 2013 – all to continually subject our skiffs to the same wide variety of environments that our clients will subject them to.

With the growing popularity of the Rivermaster SRO and Rivermaster Calusa as power drifters in the West and with the pending introduction of our new drift boat series, we are pleased to announce that we have acquired property for a second testing outpost on the Salmon River in Idaho. Why the Salmon? Because among its many sections and forks we can subject boats to a multitude of river environments from mild to wild in a single day. We’ve actually been spending time there for the past couple of years. Once established in mid 2016, the Towee crew will head for the “River of No Return” camp twice each year.  Keep a close watch on our Facebook page and if your travels bring you the area stop by and see us.