Towee Kicks Off Building Project To Improve Customer Experience.



November 2, 2017

For Immediate Release

Towee Boats has announced that they have broken ground on a new rigging shop and customer pick up facility with the aim of providing a more enjoyable customer visit experience. The new Towee rigging and visitors facility will afford visitors the opportunity to see new boats in the final stages of construction along with completed boats in a clean environment away from the fumes that can go hand and hand with the composite lamination process.

“We want to make the buying and pick up process as pleasant as possible – which has been a challenge due to the nature of the construction process and the limitations of our current building” says Towee owner Todd Gregory. ” We have always had this concept of a customer/visitor facility in the back of our minds but it just wasn’t realistic until now” The new facility will be located just outside McMinnville and feature a new 3,000 sq ft building alongside a rehabbed barn that is being converted into modern shop space on the inside. “We love the property, it’s in the country with mature trees and a view of the mountains that back the Collins River.  When we saw the old barn on the property, we knew that it had to stay as well.  It’s just going to be a great environment to talk skiffs.”

Towee will be relocating their lamination process to a new building in a nearby industrial park. As of this writing, 700 feet of road have been installed, the barn rehab is well underway and the slab for the new building is scheduled to be poured within the next 48 hours. The new customer facility will open in early 2018.