With so many product advances coming to market over the past 3 years, it’s obvious that our website just hasn’t kept up with our social media sites.  We’re pleased to announce that the long overdue website overhaul is underway.

In the meantime, please excuse our mess – there will be outages and links that do not work as we update.  As always, the most up to date pics and information are posted on Facebook = Towee Guide Tested Skiffs and Instagram = Towee_Boats.  If you don’t see the info you need, please shoot us an email or call us at 931-224-8181. We look forward to unveiling our revamped website in the coming weeks.

Towee Releases the Rivermaster Seminole – Value, Quality and Capability for $4999 Skiff and Trailer.



Towee Boats is pleased to announce the release of the newest member of their Rivermaster series – The Seminole.  In 2010, Towee introduced the Rivermaster Calusa, the technical skiff that invented the term “Crossover Skiff”. Equally outstanding at poling the flats and marshes as it is power drifting rocky rivers with a prop or jet – the Calusa set a new standard for performance, quality, stability, durability and utility while winning a place in the stables of guides and anglers from Alaska to Key West and Canada to Cost Rica.

The Seminole joins the Rivermaster family as the answer to literally hundreds of calls that we have received from anglers who have asked for a value priced skiff without having to sacrifice quality. The Seminole borrows the same hull design as the Calusa yet is laminated with more traditional materials than those used in the Calusa. An open , clean interior features a huge rear casting deck with a large storage tunnel underneath. A simple hull bottom floor gives way to a massive forward casting deck with an even larger storage tunnel underneath for stowing bulky gear. These storage tunnels eliminate the cost of hatches while providing a place to keep you gear out of the way.

img_1885The Seminole is offered in two colors – Marsh Gold (pictured) and Delacroix White.


Precisely targeting the available options list keeps the Seminole priced affordably and allows them to be delivered quickly. Available options include:

  • Adding a Large Calusa Style Bow Cap for Bow Mount Trolling Motor
  • Anchor Systems
  • Navigation Lights
  • Galvanized Trailer
  • Poling Platform
  • Oarlocks

We certainly didn’t want to build a great skiff like the Seminole and then package it with a cheap “boat dealer” grade trailer that would let you down when you needed it most. We went back to work with our trailer supplier and developed a trailer that offers a heavy frame, full sized tires and walk on steel fenders. The Seminole trailer is perfect not only for everyday use but won’t let you down when the open road calls.

The Seminole delivers serious value in a package that will meet the needs of 75% of all anglers and offers the legendary performance and stability of the Rivermaster hull at an even more affordable price of $4999 for skiff and trailer. Email us at or call 931-224-8181 to discuss your new Seminole.








Towee Now Offers Full Service Drift Boat Repair and Refurbishing

After doing more and more drift boat projects over the past couple of years, we’ve made it official – Towee now offers full service repair and refurbishing for all brands of drift boats. Wether you need chine repair, a complete new bottom, a new trailer of just want to completely refurbish that old drifter, we can help.

Services include:

  • Damage Repair
  • Gelcoat and Paint
  • Bottom Liner
  • Interior Modifications
  • Plastic Welding (Yes, we repair most of those “unbreakable” plastic hulls too)
  • Trailer Refurbishing
  • New Heavy Duty Drift Boat Trailers
  • Custom SeaDek Padding
  • Full Line of Oars and Accessories
  • Custom Covers
  • Long and Short Term Storage

Give us a call or email and lets discuss your project 931-224-8181 or

Florida Keys Fishing Report from Towee Pro Capt. Joel Dickey.


Well as all of you must know the migration of the big tarpon has all but come to a close here in the Keys.. The fishing however has not! In fact in a lot of ways it’s better! Now through early October is the time to come down and shoot for the Slam! The juvenile tarpon in the early mornings has been unbelievable, the shrimp hatches have been really good with good numbers of smaller fish (15-50lbs) pounding the top water! Bonefish and permit fishing has been really awesome.. Plenty of tailing fish at the beginning of the tides and muddling fish as the tide gets deeper… If you have ever dreamed of catching the slam now is time!

If you’d like to book with Joel contact him at or head over to It’s sure to be a trip you won’t soon forget.

Fully Lined Under Seat Dry Storage For The Calusa

Towee is pleased to begin offering fully lined dry storage lockers in our Calusa under seat storage. In the past, these were a semi-dry compartment that made use of every possible cubic inch of space but did require that clothing be placed in a dry bag. The new fully lined lockers turn this space into true dry storage with minimal lost usable space.  Give us a call today to discuss your new skiff build.

Towee Pro Staff Welcomes Henry Cowen

Lanier striper winter


Towee Boats is very pleased to announce the addition to Henry Cowen to our Pro Staff. Henry has always been known as a superb angler, boatman and a “guides guide” and we were honored when he chose Towee to collaborate on his next skinny water skiff. Henry will join the rest of our Pro Staff to not only represent Towee Boats but to provide valuable design input and feedback .

Henry has been pursuing striped bass for nearly 40 years in both salt and fresh water. He is currently guiding in fresh water on Lake Sidney Lanier, Lake Allatoona and the Chattahoochee River near Atlanta for landlocked stripers, hybrids, spotted bass and carp. Henry is an accomplished fly designer as his trademarked fly patterns are sold worldwide through Umpqua Feather Merchants. His fly patterns as well as techniques to fly fish continue to appear in magazines such as American Angler, Fly Fish America, Fly Tyer, Fly Fisherman, Angler Magazine and Eastern Fly Fishing.

Currently Henry’s name appears on the masthead of both American Angler and Angler Magazine as a contributing writer/editor. Henry was named to the esteemed Yellow Dog Fly Fishing field advisory staff. Henry continues to give seminars on light tackle & fly fishing in both fresh and salt waters. Henry has appeared as a guest on a number of nationally televised outdoor shows (The Orvis Sporting life, The Reel Guys, One More Cast w/Shaw Grigsby, Oneill Outside, Travis Johnson Outdoors & The Nuts and Bolts of Fishing) and continues as a weekly guest on the Oneil Outside radio show. Henry helped produce and also appears on the video “Fly Fishing for Landlocked Stripers”. You can visit his web site @

HC Carp wading